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Audi Accident Repair

Most people aren't aware that in the event of an accident it's your legal right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. Your insurer may promote a particular repairer in order to keep their costs down. However, this can mean that your vehicle doesn't receive the attention and care that it deserves. It's important to know your rights so that you can insist that your vehicle is repaired by a reputable, quality, manufacturer approved repairer.

Harwoods Accident Repair Centres are fully Audi and insurer approved repairers and our centres are equipped with all the latest tools and equipment to get your Audi repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, when you trust us with your vehicle we can guarantee the outstanding customer service and expert repair you would expect.

Using a VWG approved bodyshop to repair your vehicle (be it an Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, or Volkswagen car or van) means you’ll be guaranteed a repair that leaves your vehicle in the same condition as it left the factory.

How? It’s simple. We only allow manufacturer-trained technicians to work on your vehicle, using the same paint, parts and materials that are used in the factory.

Still not convinced? Here are our three favorite reasons to use our Paint and Body Centers.

  • All repairs are guaranteed for three years
  • Our Paint and Body Centre maintains the highest standards of repair work and customer service. We have to pass a rigorous 84-point annual inspection, and all our technicians must complete a welding exam every two years.
  • Last but not least, your vehicle's paint warranty will be unaffected

We hope you don't have an accident, but if you're unfortunate enough to ­find yourself in this situation then make sure you demand quality and contact a Harwoods Audi Accident Repair Centre.

  • Audi Accident Repair Coulsdon 0844 248 4993
  • Audi Accident Repair Five Oaks 0844 247 1287
  • Audi Accident Repair Southampton 0844 247 1289
  • Audi Accident Management 0800 408 0044
Audi Accident Repair

Harwoods Online Estimating Service

Harwoods Accident Repair online estimating service is designed to give you an indication to the cost of repairs to your vehicle, without having to actually travel and meet us in person. Although the prices quoted will be as accurate as possible, this service can only be used as a guide and is not a comprehensive estimate that can be submitted for insurance repairs.

Please give as many details as possible; to help us ensure the price quoted is accurate.

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