New Mulliner Upgrades For Continental Series in Sussex and Hampshire

For the first time ever, we've extended the realms of what is possible for your Continental Series with a range of specific Upgrade Packs.

Our new pack now features essential Mulliner upgrades to enhance your driving experience.

Drilled Alloy Sports Pedals

Constructed using a strong yet lightweight drilled alloy, Sports Pedals offer rubber stud inserts for extra grip.

Sports Gear Lever

Taking its styling cues from Bentley's racing heritage, the Sports Gear Lever shows off hallmark knurling around the bezel.

Jewel Fuel Filler Cap

The gleaming filler cap's charms are entirely hidden, and revealed only when refuelling. A truly distinctive way to personalise your Continental.

Ranging from bespoke technology and accessories to unique body styling and steering wheel enhancements, Upgrade Packs offer a truly personal feel. Contact us today for more information.

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​Bentley Sussex
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The items presented in this email are subject to regional applicability, further development and the specifications can change. Your Bentley dealer will always have the latest information. #15039