Driving Licence Checks- New process as of the 8th June 2015

It is under Harwoods policy that the validity of a driving licence is to be checked for anyone driving a car under Harwoods responsibility before the car is handed over.

This check can be done by either of the following:

  1. Verifying the driving licence by using the DVLA on-line system:

    • As a customer, you will need to log in to the DVLA on-line system in order to get a code from the DVLA proving that your licence is valid.
    • It is then Harwoods responsibility to verify the code given to you.
    • You can get your driving licence code now by clicking here.
    • Harwoods will then verify your code on the day.

  2. Alternatively, Harwoods can check with the DVLA that your driving licence is valid on the day.

    • Please note on the day of the event this can only be done until midday so it is advised that customers make sure they have the code as per the above.
    • If possible customers can supply the following information via emailbefore they arrive by sending the information to VIP@harwoods.uk.com so that we can get the checks done in advance allowing for a smoother and stress free experience.

To find out more Information please contact Harwoods today.