Harwoods is a family run business in its 3rd generation and working at Harwoods you feel like you are part of the family.
As a key stakeholder you will play a key part in the success of our business. 

Welcome to the Harwoods Family

Our people are at the heart of our business as we believe that having engaged people in winning teams ensures that we create memorable experiences for our customers each and every day, setting us apart from our competitors.

Through our recruitment we look for people who truly reflect our values because if our people are close to all of their values we will deliver memorable experiences through great teamwork.

Our Vision


Our Values

Why Memorable Experiences? The experience we give is everything, it’s the only way we will stand out from the competition.

The experience is a reflection of our culture and our values underpin our vision, we want to be the leading retailer of premium automotive brands in the South of England.

We feel that if we ask our staff to demonstrate these values in ‘how we work’ we will get closer to making our vision a reality.

Every organisation knows what they do, for us we sell cars, we service and repair cars & trucks, we sell parts and we serve customers. Some know how they do it and very few know why we do it.

The Why is our vision, it’s about why our staff care and why they are proud to say they work for Harwoods.

Our Business focuses on 5 critical success factors:

  • People & customers
  • Products & partners
  • Premises
  • Process
  • Profit

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Our recent employee engagement scores

We proudly represent Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, McLaren and Volvo from 16 retail dealerships across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. We also have 3 Body Repair Centres, a 24/7 Truck Business and also the largest equestrian centre in Sussex. We currently employ over 1000 staff dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.


Of our staff are proud to say they work for Harwoods


Of our staff surveyed would like to still be working for Harwoods in 2 years time.


Of our staff surveyed are committed to do their very best for the company.


Of our staff surveyed would recommend Harwoods to friends and family.


Care about the future of Harwoods.

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Operating throughout the South of England, the Harwoods brand is one of the most renowned dealerships in the area.

We have locations in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and London