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Aston Martin Rapide E Makes Debut in Build-up to Formula E Grand Prix in Monaco

At Harwoods we specialise on bringing our customers a better class of driving. We achieve this by ensuring that each and every one of our 900+ members of staff is as passionate, well trained and well incentivised as possible to give our customers the highest standards of customer care. We also do this by ensuring that we work closely with the most prestigious of brands. And when it comes to prestige, class and effortless cool there’s really no substitute for the Aston Martin.

We know the characteristic combination of engineering genius, sleek good looks and quintessential Britishness that keeps our customers coming back to Aston Martin. The world’s foremost British superspy isn’t the only one who can’t get enough of this prestige vehicle. In the wake of the new Rapide E’s stunning debut in Monaco last week, we’re more excited than ever to welcome Aston Martin’s electric range to our showrooms.

The Rapide e makes its mark on Monaco

Last week the streets of Monaco bore witness to the incredible performance of Aston Martin’s new electric sedan the Rapide E, at the E Grand Prix. Powered by two rear-mounted electric motors making 602 horsepower and 701 lb-ft of torque channelled through its rear wheels, it’s safe to say that it turned heads.

Indeed the vehicle’s driver Darren Turner stated that the move to an all-electric drivetrain has done nothing to detract from the driving experience that loyal customers expect from the brand; “The car has the kind of torque and punch that you’d expect from an EV, but they’ve really worked hard to retain the dynamic characteristics of what makes an Aston Martin special,”.

The Rapide e hasn’t lost its looks, either. In fact, it’s virtually impossible for the untrained eye to spot any difference between the electric Rapide and its combustion engine counterpart. Nonetheless, myriad subtle tweaks have been made to make the Rapide E even more aerodynamic for added performance and energy economy.

From the Formula E Grand Prix to our showrooms

The Rapide E is now revealed to the world and with a limited production of just 155 vehicles, building spots are going fast. Nonetheless, the performance at Monaco sends a powerful message to the world that luxury brands can go all-electric while still holding true to the quality and the sense of identity that their customers have come to expect.

Fortunately, we’ve been proud to represent Aston Martin along with several other carefully chosen prestige brands for the better part of a century.

Why you can trust Harwoods Group

Whether you’re joining us to look at an electric Aston Martin or any of our other sustainable prestige vehicles, we can promise you one thing. That we are dedicated to bringing you a standard of customer care that matches the quality of the vehicles. We’ve concentrated all of our efforts on giving customers across the South East the very best experience possible when it comes to choosing and servicing the right prestige vehicles. We’re a family owned business that keeps to the standards and ideals upon which it was founded almost 90 years ago. We employ over 900 people in the area and train them to the highest standards to ensure that they deliver the highest standards in customer care.

We work extremely closely with a select few prestige brands to bring discerning motorists throughout the south of England the ultimate driving experience.

Contact us today to find out more!

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