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Aston Martin took to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas to show off the high-tech Rapide S concept car that it developed in partnership with Chinese tech firm LeTV. Attendees were treated to a preview of what will come next for the model line, and one of the biggest talking points was its on-board technology.?

The concept also hinted at what buyers can expect from other future Aston Martin cars, including the coming DB11. Major additions were a large central touchscreen for controlling the car’s various infotainment features and a 12.2-inch digital display behind the steering wheel. Voice controls improve safety and usability of the system, which also connects to LeTV’s cloud service. This allows the car to ‘talk’ to other connected vehicles and devices.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer suggested that some of the featured tech could be in the next generation of models, but stopped short of confirming that autonomous parking would be in the DB11.

Dr Palmer commented: "We will strategically sit behind in autonomous cars because we believe ourselves to be a drivers' car company".

What we do know is that the Aston Martin DBX crossover will be fitted with an electric powertrain, but this doesn’t mean that the firm’s muscular petrol engines are on the way out.

"You can be sure our cars will be hybridised and electric in the future simply because of emissions regulations. I'm keen to go with electricity because it gives me zero emissions cars on one hand, which allows me to continue with our V12 engines on the other."

The Rapide S concept is a clear sign of Aston Martin’s intention to carry its latest luxury sports cars into a new generation. Discover the British brand’s latest models by contacting Harwoods Aston Martin today.
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