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Excuse me while I drive my Aston off the road? Not something you would have heard, or indeed wanted to hear being said. That is until now. Introducing the Aston Martin DBX – the adventurer (and an epic new adventure for Aston Martin) – described by its designers as spirited, intrepid and assured. I like to think that describes me also, however I might be less assured. For example, my Tag Heuer (Formula 1 Aston Martin) watch is capable of withstanding water to a depth of 656 feet 2.016 inches, but I am not. If the watch reaches that point, I have either dropped it overboard or more worryingly I am still attached to it. But to think this way is to miss the point. I adore the watch for its precision build and materials, and respect the fact that it is built to cope with the extreme depths, assuring me that the beach will be just fine. If it was lost overboard, I wouldn’t hesitate in first blaming someone else, and then buying another because I know what I am buying in to: the heritage, the promised quality. However, with the DBX being an SUV, it appears to be like nothing which came before it. 
Or is it?
In a way it isn’t like any Aston and not for the for main visual reason. It marks a new step in the Second Century plan with even more character separation in Aston Martin’s model line-up. Physically this starts with an all new 100% aluminium platform, the foundation for this confident SUV. Despite being a new platform, its heritage isn’t new; this unique platform is constructed using a bonding technique, perfected over decades for Aston sports cars. So, pure Aston Martin. A new introduction for DBX is the use of ‘core cast’ parts, which means being formed as a single piece rather than individual parts joined. All this adds up to class leading weight distribution, handling and performance of the DBX, enabling versatility across all terrains. All terrains, let’s talk about that. 
As you would expect, the masters of design at Aston Martin were driven to build excellence in this new adventure. To do this they focussed on 3 design pillars which, bear with me, beautifully explain the DBX and its place in our lives. Firstly, and possibly most reassuring, we have the ‘indulgence of every Aston Martin’. To those who know Aston Martin either through ownership or knowledge of the brand, this will be a familiar Aston Martin trait; that is, the use of the finest materials, handcrafted by the most skilled people in the world. The second and third pillars relate to its promised purpose, the ‘confidence of an SUV’ and ‘exhilaration of a sports car’. As an SUV it will deliver capability whilst remaining a luxury vehicle, with equal comfort for all occupants. Combined with its sporting DNA, the DBX will meet performance expectations with a thrilling drive and engaging dynamics for more enthusiastic drivers. Enthusiastic drivers, you know who you are, will be encouraged to learn the 4.0l V8 twin turbo engine keenly delivers maximum torque from 2000rpm all the way through to 5000rpm, meaning more power is available and for longer compared to luxury SUV competitors. Equally this ensures the DBX is smooth and elegant to drive in a variety of dynamic situations.
Power is delivered through the Active Transfer Case which connects the permanently driven rear to the front wheels. This system allows 100% of power to be sent to the back, fulfilling the Aston Martin brand character, whilst being able to send up to 47% power to the front to provide dynamic handling in all terrains. Not only that, but the All Wheel Drive provides power management to each wheel, within just 0.2 of a second. This is all sounding very capable indeed, possibly beyond where I would take it which is reassuring to say the least. As you would expect there are several pre-defined drive modes to suit the road (or lack of road) ahead, all of which adjust the steering, ride height, stability systems, transmission and exhaust function. With self-levelling triple chamber air suspension providing 95mm variation, the DBX is truly ready and capable.
Let us sit inside and take in the view. Before we appraise visually, it should be noted (with no pun intended) that the exhaust, which features Active Silencer Valves, has been engineered to ensure the correct notes can be appreciated within the cabin. You can even specify a sports exhaust for enhanced sound and more bass tones. Exquisite. You will have no doubts you are cocooned within an Aston Martin. The cabin certainly looks and feels Aston Martin with the variety of new and existing materials adding character. Exquisite woods, composite and metal veneers allow your cabin to be tailored to your own taste. New quilting designs, leather covered speakers and broguing are present, in addition to an Alcantara Roof Blind which we are assured is an industry first. So beautiful to experience, so Aston Martin. 
Your new DBX features a stunning 12.3” driver instrument display with all new graphics which change based on drive mode or how you wish to personalise them. To compliment this, the all new 10.25” fully glass infotainment screen delivers graphical information designed specifically for the DBX. A satisfying grin will ensue once you view the 3D mapping and off-road compass, teasing you to drive that bit further because the DBX is equipped and willing. Did I mention the ambient lighting is available in 64 colours? It’s becoming difficult to find a reason to exit the car at this point, and this is where all the wonderful options could have become overwhelming. However, the genius design team at Gaydon have individually created their own unique take on the configuration of the DBX, introducing tailored specifications with names such as Urban Fighter (a bold and assertive take on sport), Bohemian Escape (polite and cultured, with a sting, a tweak on Britishness), and Aspen Escape (the personification of a sporting lifestyle) to name a few. Promise me you will look at these inspirational configurations as they are a delight to read in their own right, and will help to guide your own specification should you wish.
Inside and out the DBX is both the Aston Martin you were expecting, and the new Aston Martin you may have not thought possible. It is a true Aston Martin take on the SUV which will enable you to do more than you dreamed of, with reassuring capability, historic beauty and Aston Martin design you have come to expect. Now you can take your Aston Martin experience further and leave the road. But remember that despite all this, the watch will always win in the aquatic depth competition.
For now, stay on the road to our showroom at Chichester to discover more about the exhilarating new DBX adventure for yourself.
Aston Martin DBX – Beautiful is relentless.
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