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Harwoods appreciate the value of your Aston Martin and understand the importance of high quality servicing for its longevity. Our approved technicians are trained in the latest Aston Martin techniques, and use the most state-of-the-art facilities to maintain your Aston Martin and retains its value.

Our technicians are Aston Martin experts who use only Genuine Parts which come complete with a 12-month warranty. Above all else, our team of technicians take pride in their work and will ensure that your car receives the best care and attention. Servicing is available at Harwoods Aston Martin Chichester with prices starting from £680 for a full Aston Martin service.

Whether you’re looking for an early model DB9 service or the very latest Aston Martin DB11 service, Aston Martin Chichester can perform all OEM work. You can book an Aston Martin service by following the link below.



- We will only use genuine parts on your Aston Martin to ensure it remains in excellent condition, all of our parts come with a 12 months warranty.


- Only approved Aston Martin technicians will carry out any work on your car, they are regularly trained and kept up-to-date with new techniques, ensuring your car will receive the best service possible.


- Our fixed price servicing prices start from just £680. The full pricing for Aston Martin servicing can be seen below.


- Our approved servicing will help maximise your car's resale value. We will stamp your service history booklet to prove to any potential buyers than you have provided the very best care for your Aston Martin, should you ever wish to sell your car.


- To minimise any inconvenience whilst your Aston Martin is being service, we offer a collection and delivery, or a courtesy car to allow you to remain mobile. Please let us know before your appointment if you require a courtesy car for your Aston Martin service.


- When you bring your Aston Martin to us we will check if your car needs any software updates, even if your car is not in warranty.


Our fixed price Aston Martin servicing provides a transparent and predictable running cost for your vehicle’s lifetime. Due to the varying work that is required at different service intervals, Aston Martin services differ slightly in price. An Aston Martin V8 model service starts from just £680 for its first year service, and only from only £770 for any V12 model Aston Martin.

  1st year or 10,000 miles 2nd year or 20,000 miles 3rd year or 30,000 miles 4th year or 40,000 miles 5th year or 50,000 miles 6th year or 60,000 miles 7th year or 70,000 miles 8th year or 80,000 miles 9th year or 90,000 miles 10th year or 100,000 miles
V8 (RRP) £680 £720 £680 £720 £800 £720 £680 £720 £680 £860
V12 (RRP) £770 £810 £770 £810 £890 £710 £770 £810 £770 £950


  20,000 miles 20,000 miles
V8 (RRP) £94 £412
V12 (RRP) £144 £330

What's Included in an Aston Martin Service?

🗸 Genuine Parts

🗸 12-month warranty

🗸Checks for software and mechanical updates

🗸 Service record digitally updated to securely record the provenance of your car’s service history

🗸 OIL FILTERS - It is important to replace your oil and oil filters each year, this will ensure that your engine will continue to run smoothly and minimise the risk of wear and tear on other engine components.

🗸 BRAKE FLUID - Brake fluid change is essential to maintain your car's performance and reduce the corrosion on your car's braking system. We recommend changing your brake fluid each year or every two years, depending on the model.

🗸 COOLANT - Our expert technicians will change your coolant every five years or 50,000 miles. We will only use approved anti-freezing and anti-corrosive products.

🗸 POLLEN FILTERS - We recommend changing your pollen filter every 20,000 miles to help prevent allergens, pollution and dust in the air from entering your car through the heating and air conditioning system.

🗸 TRANSAXLE OILS - Transaxle oils needs to be changed every 40,000 miles, they are essential for extending the life and ensuring smooth transmission of your car.

🗸 AIR FILTERS - It is recommended that the air filters are replaced every 30,000 miles on a V8 and 20,000 miles on a V12, air filters are vital for preventing airborne dirt from entering the engine and help maintain maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency.

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