Aston Martin Car Covers

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor

At Harwoods Aston Martin we have a selection of protective indoor and outdoor car covers available for all models back to the DB4 range, plus we have also introduced the new ultimate car cover designed to offer the best protection to your Aston Martin this winter.

Our covers are weather resistant and tailor made to fit the contours of your Aston Martin, they offer superb protection against the winter weather. The cover is made from a knitted polyester fabric with a Teflon coating, this allows the water to 'bead' and run off without damaging the cover or your Aston Martin. The cover is weather resistant and breathable, allowing air but not water to penetrate. The weather resistant covers feature the branded Aston Martin logo on the bonnet and model on the front wing.

The standard indoor dust covers are made from a soft cotton mix with a protective fleece lining allowing moisture to evaporate. The cover features the Aston Martin logo on the bonnet and model on the front wing. Our standard outdoor covers offer protection against light rain, frost, snow and tree sap, these covers are only available in grey.

Our ultimate and indoor covers are available in a range of colours, bespoke colours can be made to order plus each cover comes with an individual storage bag.

For more information or to make an enquiry, please contact Harwoods Aston Martin

​Aston Martin Chichester01243 210 427