At Harwoods we understand that everybody has different financial circumstances which is why we offer a range of finance plans to meet your individual needs. Our range of finance plans are all designed to make sure that funding your new Audi is a straightforward process.

For our Retail customers

Personal Contract Plan (Solutions): This funding plan is a flexible alternative to Hire Purchase which allows you to put down a small sum initially and defer part of your Audi's total value until the end of the term. This thereby reduces your monthly spend.

Hire Purchase: This is the most simplest and straightforward way to fund your Audi once you have paid a deposit. You can pay for your car for over one to five years – and once all the payments have been made you become the car's owner.

All our Used Approved Audi Vehicles have their own Audi Finance Calculator available so you can see everything you need to know to make a decision on your next vehicle.

For Business Users

Contract Hire: Contract Hire is exclusive to business users as it effectively helps you to 'hire' vehicles instead of owning them. This means that you don't have to worry about residual values or selling the vehicles once the finance term is over.

Lease Purchase: This payment method has been developed specifically for business users who would prefer the option of owning their fleet at the end of its finance term.

Finance Lease: This is a hire agreement with features that are specifically designed for business users. If you are VAT registered, there may be even more reasons why, financially, this plan is for you.

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So next time you’re considering buying a new or used Audi, make sure Audi Finance is your first choice. Contact Harwoods Audi to find out more.