New Audi A6 Avant

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New Audi A6 Avant

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New Audi A6 Avant - Coming Soon

A6 Avant Wheel

The Audi A6 Avant perfectly combines superb practicality with beautiful styling to create an all-round vehicle for every need. Whether you need loads of space for luggage or powerful performance on the open road, the Avant can adapt effortlessly to just about any situation. There's no need to look anywhere else when a car is this dynamic.

As much of the A6 Avant as possible is made from aluminium, including components from the doors, bonnet, tailgate and wings. This lightweight construction evokes many benefits including improved efficiency and enhanced handling. As well as this, reinforcement panels of varying thickness around the exterior ensure strength in the event of a collision. The A6 Avant provides maximum performance, efficiency and safety – perfectly encompassing the Audi philosophy.


The latest Audi A6 Avant looks both beautiful and practical at the same time. Its styling makes it distinctive on the road with its striking single-frame grille, high gloss black finish and chrome applications.

To help you counter the dark of night, the A6 Avant is equipped with HD Matrix LED headlights with upgraded tail lights which features a unique light signature, giving the ca a styling, unmistakable look. Optional contour ambient lighting is also available, forming the perfect balance of safety and aesthetics.

A6 Avant front cabin
A6 Avant steering wheel
A6 Avant central console


Brimming with exceptional technologies inside and out, the Audi A6 Avant will provide an amazing experience each drive. Light and rain sensors come as standard, automatically activating low-beam headlights and windscreen wipers when required, leaving you to concentrate on driving. Within the cabin, in the central console is a MMI Touch upper 8.8" screen in addition to a lower 8.6" one, giving you instant access to all the controls of your environment and to the infotainment system with smartphone connectivity. These screens also use natural voice language controls, allowing you to issue questions or commands with just your voice. You can even turn the car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, ensuring you and your occupants are always connected.

The A6 Avant's range of exceptional engines means you will be spoilt for choice. Both the petrol and diesel engines provide power and smooth handling effortlessly. To make the decision even more difficult, there is a new 3.0 Biturbo 313PS engine available. With 650Nm of torque can power you from 0-62mph in just 5.3 seconds, with an 8-speed gearbox which is perfectly suited.


The new A6 Avant is not only packed with technology to make life easier, it also boasts plenty of safety features to keep you and your family protected at all times. Audi proudly pushes the boundaries of safety, always looking for new ways to increase security. Amongst the exceptional features include a range of driver assistance systems such as the City Assist Pack which provides a selection of systems to make driving in the city safer, as well as simpler. One such system is Emergency Assist, which will identify when the driver fails to act to a visual or audio warnings, and will make an emergency call if required.

A6 Avant
A6 Avant

New Audi A6 Avant 360° View

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