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Do you know the importance of your tyres this winter?

The rubber circle-thingies on 4 sides of your car are what keep you connected to the road, the quality of these bits of rubber, can determine a critical situation. Tyres can determine your braking distances, your grip levels, and how efficient your car is!

The key things to keep an eye on for your tyres are; your tyre pressures (you can view these in most driver door sills or always in the vehicle handbook), keeping them to the right pressure is critical for grip on rainy and icy days. Your tyre tread is also vital, the legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm, but do you really want 1.6mm between your car and the road? At Harwoods, across all our brands, we recommend changing your tyres at 3mm, not the 1.6mm legal limit, to keep you safe always. The braking distance at 50mph is 3 car lengths shorter than at 1.6mm, a difference between an accident and not!

Changing your tyres at the recommended 3mm and maintaining good tyres pressure will keep your braking distance safe, in an emergency, you will stop! Driving in the rain and ice will be that bit more bearable, having good tyre tread means that rain water won’t have such an effect on your grip, you and your loved ones will be safe. It will also save you money! Having a good set of tyres and manufacturer recommended pressures will keep your fuel cost down too, as your car doesn’t require as much resistance!

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