Audi quattro Technology

‘quattro’ is Audi’s renowned all-wheel drive technology. Developed through the Audi heritage motorsport engineering, today quattro brings unrivalled safety, thrilling performance and unbeatable dynamics to the Audi range.

Since it’s debut in 1980, over 5 million vehicles have been sold with permanent all-wheel drive, and quattro is now available across 100 different Audi vehicles, coming as standard in the entire Audi RS range as well as the A4, A6, A7 and R8 models.


Different types of quattro:​

Hydraulic multi-plate clutch

Designed for models that have a front mounted engine, this system has a front axle bias in standard driving conditions, with the ability to send up to 100% of the power to the rear wheels when needed.

Available on the A1, A3, Q3, TT ranges.

Self-locking centre differential

The Self-locking centre differential features a 50:50 power bias, sending the torque equally to the front and rear axles. Constantly analysing road conditions, the system can send 100% of the power to either axle when needed.

Some models have a rear wheel bias, sending the majority of the power to the rear wheels for a sportier driving experience.

Available on the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7 ranges.

quattro on-demand

quattro on-demand switches between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive by monitoring driver input and road conditions. As a result, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is significantly reduced compared to vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive.

Available on the A4 allroad quattro and Q5 models.

R8 quattro all-wheel drive

As the only vehicle in the Audi range to feature a mid-engine, the R8 has a different quattro configuration. Designed to send the majority of the power to the rear wheels under normal driving conditions, the R8’s quattro system has the ability to send 100% of the power to either axle depending on the driving situation and weather conditions on the road.

Available on the R8 model only


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