Audi Tyres


At Harwoods Audi, our trained technicians will complete checkson your tyres to ensure that they are in good condition. These checks include tyre pressure or tread dept to establish whether you tyre are in need of maintenance or replacement. We offer approved Audi tyres at competitive prices.


Audi Tyres

Audi Genuine Tyres

Audi genuine tyres are designed distinctly for each model of Audi and are made using the best materials that are against the latest standards. In order to get the label of Audi Genuine tyres, they must pass many rigorous an thorough performance tests to assure they are worthy of being replacements for Audi tyres.





Audi Tyres
Audi Winter Tyres

During the Autumn and Winter months when the temperatures starts to decline, when the temperature drops to 7c or below ordinary tyres may become susceptible to loss of grip due to the coldness. However, Harwoods Audi can offer you Audi cold weather tyres.

These tyres are especially designed to handle the cold temperature, and give you better safety and performance for those cold mornings. They will enhancd your Audi's traction to the road and subsequently your stopping power too. 






Audi Tyres
Hawkeye Laser 4 Wheel Alignment

With the Hawkeye Laser 4 wheel alignment service, your Audi will gain significant boost in accuracy in regards to the alignment of your wheels.

This technology uses lasers to measure your car's wheel alignment, and then fixes the wheels to their optimal position. This will increase the handling control you get at the steering wheel making for a better and safer driving experience.



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