Audi Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

It may surprise you to hear that your air conditioning system requires maintenance and attention just like any other part of your vehicle. Over time it can become contaminated with micro-organisms which can then be blown into the passenger compartment, causing unpleasant odours and potentially triggering allergies.

Regular maintenance
Performing regular maintenance to your vehicle's air conditioning will help reduce risk of major components failing. There is potential for components to fail due to a lack of inner lubrication and moisture control. The system can also leak refrigerant gas over time, causing the air conditioning to run inefficiently. This in turn makes the compressor work harder and increases the ovrall fuel consumption of your car.

Humidity levels can also be affected by a poor performing system and this can lead to misting up windows, driver fatigue and a reduction in visibility.

Harwoods Audi recommends yearly servicing

Audi recommends that a vehicle's air conditioning system is serviced every two years by our trained technicians, we offer two levels of maintenance:

  • Air Conditioning Cleanse - This involves cleaning the ventilation system to destory bacteria, fungus and mildew, leaving a freshness you can sense and smell.

  • Full Air Conditioning Service - This incorporaes the air conditioning cleanse and also involves evacuating the existing contents of your system and recharging the system wtih new refrigerant to Audi's specification.

Both levels are cost effective, especially when compared to the potential cost of fixing a damaged air conditioning system.

For more information on our air conditioning service, please contact your local Harwoods Audi dealership today.

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