LifeShine - Complete vehicle protection


Complete Vehicle Protection at Harwoods Audi

Here at Harwoods Audi, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle looking as good as new. Thats why we offer a complete vehicle protection system, professionally applied to your vehicle's paintwork, upholstery and glass. LifeShine offers a new level of colour and shine, ensuring your Audi looks as fresh as the first time it left the showroom. The formula provides a tough and protective coating, creating a barrier against the harsh elements and environmental hazards.

Discover the benefits of protecting your vehicle with LifeShine below:

Paintwork Protection - Paintwork is professionally treated with a unique protective coating, featuring Carbon Shield TechnologyTM to lock in colour and shine.
Upholstery Protection - A highly durable sealant is professionally applied to interior upholstery, protecting against spills and stains.
Glass Protection - Glass treatment is professionally applied to exterior side and rear windows, creating a non-stick, water-repellent barrier. 




Complimentary Aftercare Collection

Once your vehicle has received the LifeShine protection, you will receive a complimentary aftercare collection worth over £100, inclusive of premium products to maintain your vehicle's showroom condition.

LifeShine Guarantee

When you protect your vehicle with LifeShine, you are also protected by a lifetime guarantee. Once registered by the dealership, you can rest assured your car is protected for the entire duration of ownership*.


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