Servicing Your Audi

Servicing Your Audi at Harwoods

With Audi servicing from Harwoods, you can rest easy knowing you and your Audi are in more than capable hands. To ensure your Audi is always performing exceptionally, reguarly servicing is recommended to keep your car nice and healthy. We guarantee you the best quality of service to make sure your Audi is ready for the adventures it has yet to encounter.

How regularly should my Audi be serviced?

We recommend you regularly have your Audi serviced, however this can change depending on numerous factors. We offer a Fixed Inspection Service or a LongLife Service which is flexible.

The conventional Fixed Inspection Service schedule has fixed internals for both the oil-chagne service and inspection service, which are determined by time and distance, see the table below.


Flexible Service Schedule

Flexible Service Schedule

Recommend for: Less than 10,000 miles per annum. Mainly city/town centre driving More than 10,000 miles per annum. Motorway and main road driving.
Oil-change service: Fixed to every 9,000*/ 1 year Variable to a maximum of 19,000 miles* / 2 years
Inspection service: Fixed to every 19,000 miles*/ 2 years Variable to a maximum of 19,000 miles* / 2 years


Alternatively, the LongLife Service option has fixed points in time to conduct an Inspection Service, however the oil-change service are variable.

Driving style

Depending on driving style we can recommend the a fixed schedule, regardless of mileage:

  • Uneconomical driving style - heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs
  • High engine loading conditioning - frequent towing and hill climbs


For more information on our services, please contact your local Harwoods Audi dealership today.

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