Air Conditioning Service from Harwoods Audi

Refresh with Harwoods Audi Air Conditioning Service in Portsmouth, Southampton & Five Oaks.

With the summer months just around the corner, treat your Audi to an air conditioning service from just £90*. Plus, to get your vehicle ready for summer adventures, we’re also offering a complimentary vehicle health check when you take advantage of an air conditioning service. 

Overtime, the effectiveness of your air conditioning can dwindle, due to the condensation in your system combining with the heat from the vehicle engine to create an environment where bacteria and fungi can grow. Also, over time your system can leak refrigerant gas.

This gas actually cools the air that enters the vehicle and circulates the oil which lubricates the compressor; therefore it is an essential part of the system and requires to be regularly refilled. When the gas used within the air conditioning system escapes it causes the air conditioning to run inefficiently, making the compressor work harder and increasing your overall fuel consumption.

Without regular maintenance your air conditioning system can fail to perform at its best. Our Audi trained technicians will perform a detailed inspection of the unit and drain and refill it to ensure it runs as it should. Plus, as part of the complimentary summer health check, we’ll check everything from your brakes to your suspension so you can drive away feeling confident your car can handle whatever your summer holds.

Contact your local Harwoods Audi on the contact numbers below for further information:

Audi Five Oaks 01403 330 750
Audi Portsmouth 023 9200 0691
Audi Southampton 023 8001 9435

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*£90 air conditioning service available on vehicles using R134A refrigerant gas. The price for the R1234yf gas air-con service used for vehicles built after 30 May 2016 remains £149 . #23166