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Audi Connect

​The Audi Connect Infotainment Services connects your car online, no matter the road you're on. The high-speed internet connection grants you access to various features and information like high-resolution images from Google Earth. You can get important updates about the traffic you may encounter on your route or what the weather will be like when you arrive at your destination. You can also see details like what time your flight is with live updates. This is made possible by an embedded SIM on unlimited data, which is usable all over Europe.

Audi Connect Infotainment features:


Weather InformationReceive the latest updates about the weather as well as weeklong forecasts and details about the weather for your intended destination.
Online newsNews from a variety of sources with the ability for text-to-speech so you can keep informed whilst driving. Use your myAudi account to personalise your news feed.


TwitterWrite and receive tweets from your car, thanks to text-to-speech amongst other features.
Wi-FI hotspot data plansBuy a data plan on myAudi to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your Audi, allowing you to connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the internet.

Mobility & Navigation

Navigation with Google EarthDisplays high-resolution images taken from satellites to help you navigate yourself.
Parking InformationAllows you to find car parks in your proximity and, if available, prices and vacant spaces.
Points-of-Interest search with voice controlSearches Google for special destinations and provides a route to get there. Provides key information and can be controlled whilst on the move. Accessible via your smart-device with the Audi MMI app
Destination entry via Google Maps & myAudiUse your smart-device to plan your journey using Google Maps or myAudi and then send the details to your Audi's navigational system.
Travel informationDiscover what traffic news there is nearby and on the way to your destination. Provides information about sights, restaurants and shops. Accessible via your smart-device with the Audi MMI app.
City eventsProvides information about ongoing events near you or your destination.
Flight informationLive information feed about departure and arrival times and flight number search.
Train informationDeparture and arrival times and platform information. Also provides information on similar transport systems like underground ones.
Fuel pricesInformation about local fuel stations and which has the cheapest prices. Sorted by price or distance.
Traffic information onlineGet the latest information about the traffic on your route (gridlocks, roadworks, etc)
Traffic sign informationProvides information about speed limits, and tailors your navigational and route data. Also provides information about temporary signs.
Hazard alertGives details about dangerous spots nearby.

Audi Connect Safety & Service​

With Audi Connect, if you get involved in an accident or have a breakdown, Audi Connect Safety & Service is at hand to help you. This feature of Audi Connect gives you an easy link to emergency services or roadside assistance.

  • Emergency call - When your Audi detects it has been involved in an accident, it automatically calls an Audi-partnered emergency contact centre and shares various details like GPS coordinates and number of deployed airbags so they can respond accordingly. During this time the operator will stay on the line with you until the emergency services arrive.
  • ​Online Roadside Assistance​ - If you breakdown, you only need push the online roadside assistance button and a recovery team will be summoned to your location. Warning lights on the dashboard that are illuminated will be transmitted to the roadside assistance call centre as well as your GPS coordinates.
  • ​Audi Incident Assistance​ - If you are involved in a small incident, your Audi will have fast access to what you need. The car's MMI will prompt you to take actions which will also be notified to you, prompts such as call for roadside assistance.

Remotely control your Audi

With myCarManager you can remotely control your Audi. ​When used with the MMI Connect app, you can control various features of your Audi all from your smartphone.

Status report​

​This part of the app allows you to see details about your Audi, such as how much fuel is left or are the doors all locked?

Remote lock and unlock

If you forget to lock your car, or need to give someone temporary access to it, you can remotely lock or unlock your Audi using this handy feature on the app from your smartphone. 

Theft alarm notification

​When set up, if the car's anti-alarm system detects a theft, you will promptly receive an alert via the MMI Connect app. 

Car finder

​Using myCarManager, you can quickly locate where your car is parked, if you happen to forget where you left it.

Audi Connect e-tron Services

Using the Audi Connect e-tron Services, you can control how your Audi plug-in hybrid works via Audi's MMI Connect App.

With an Audi from the e-tron series, the MMI Connect App gives you many additional features. You'll be able to see your Audi's location wherever it is, how much charge is left in the battery and how much range it has left. You can even set when your car charges via a timer or instantly start it charging with the push of a button. Additionally, climate control can be turned on using your smartphone allowing you to set the climate before you depart, so you can have a nice warm cabin in the winter or a cool one in the summer.

For more information about Audi Connect and myAudi, click the link below.