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Audi CAM

Harwoods Audi now offers Audi CAM, a new innovative service that allows you to view short videos of your car online. The video is recorded by one of our trained technicians in our workshop, who will record a short video showing what part of your car requires maintenance. The short video will also feature concise verbal commentary explaining what the issue is. You will be able to watch these short diagnosis clips from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

The videos you are sent will be given a priority mark indicating the severity of the problem. The priority grading serves to inform you whether a found problem is urgent or advisory. 

Audi CAM service allows our Audi trained technicians to explain and show to you what problems are found on your Audi, and what options are available to resolve the issue before the work is started.

Authorise Maintenance Online

When you are sent a clip showing that maintenance is required, from the video page you can authorise whether or not you want the repair done. You will be provided with a price quotation including VAT. To authorise the job, there are 'action buttons' that will allow you to authorise the workshop to carry out the repair. Alternatively, you can reject any repairs or request the repair centre to call you to discuss the issue in further detail.