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MOT Protection

​A MOT test is a legal requirement for all vehicles that determines their worthiness on the road. This takes into consideration various factors about your vehicle such as safety to carbon emissions, to ensure your vehicle is in a good condition and is safe to operate on the road. Every car that is at least three years or older must undergo a MOT test annually.

This experience can make car owners nervous as they do not know what costly surprises are waiting for them or if their car will be taken off the road. At Harwoods Audi however, we strive to make all MOT tests conducted with us simple and easy for our customers.

When you use Harwoods Audi to perform a MOT test on your car you can acquire a MOT Protection for only £49.99, which will cover the cost of up to £750 (Including VAT) in a variety of repairs your Audi may require if your Audi fails the MOT test.

The Importance of MOT Testing and Servicing

In order to keep your Audi delivering high performance on the road, frequent servicing can make sure your Audi stays efficient, healthy and safe. Recording your full regular servicing history also increases the monetary value of your car if you wish to sell it.

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