Bentley Launches Its New Golf Collection​

The worlds most well known luxury and performance in motor vehicles is now uniting with the finest in sports and leisure. Bentley is delighted to present the launch of its first collection of handcrafted, premium, bespoke golf equipment​. The impressive luxury and quality found in every Bentley model is now available in Bentley Golf, offering a range of golf clubs, bags, luggage and accessories with luxury that maximises performance.

Bentley's introduction to golf equipment has been developed within its new partnership with Professional Golf Europe, market leaders in the global golf industry. Bentley Golf offers the finest manufacturing processes as well as expert hand-forging in Ichikawa, Japan, a town with a historical heritage of forging dating back to a period of Samurai sword production. This specialised process of high quality manufacturing creates stunning results with ultimate performance for aficionados.

Beyond its premium appeal and high performance, detailing from Bentley models feature across the collection. design Influences from the rear arch hanch line of the Continental GT can be found in the range as well as the famous distinctive knurling can be found on the club end caps. Bespoke finishing and full customisation will be available to offer you a unique Bentley product.

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