Bentley Create New Bentayga Diesel

Introducing Bentley’s First Ever Diesel
The engineers at Bentley have pushed the boundaries of their Bentayga even further with the creation of their new Bentley Bentayga V8 diesel engine. Keeping the engine entirely Bentley, the engineers have used all the familiar driving and performance characteristics embedded into to their previous world renowned engines.

Go far beyond the ordinary
Not only is this new engine Bentley's first diesel engine, it is also a cut above the rest in the SUV range. Offering class-leading drivability, refinement and practicality. The 8-cylinder, 4.0 litre unit features pure engineering innovation at it's core, with a range of over 1,000km, the Bentley Bentayga diesel is also triple charged with 2 turbo outlets and an electric compressor, delivering a far superior and more dynamic response compared to previous models.

Configured for every occasion
The new Bentayga Diesel also features an innovative seven seat configuration option. This additional configuration makes the Bentayga the only luxury diesel SUV with four, five and seven seating options in one body style. Whatever adventure you decide to go on, the Bentayga can get you there.

What will Bentayga reveal to you?
The Bentayga Diesel offers the perfect balance between luxury, performance and functionality. The further you travel in it, the more you realise the unrivalled levels of excellence the Bentayga has to offer.

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