Bentley Collection Travel Packs: Available to order now

The Bentley Collection Travel Packs offer a unique way for you to enjoy the Bentley heritage found in every vehicle, wherever you are. Celebrating the traditional Bentley styles that have seen our range of vehicles move from racetrack to road, we are proud to offer you our range of Bentley Collection Travel packs.

Every item from our range of accessory packs is a luxurious and perfect addition for any Bentley enthusiast, from hand stitched umbrellas to Equestrian picnic blankets.

With handcrafted finishes, unrivalled attention to detail and world renowned quality materials, our collection reflects the elegant craftsmanship of the Bentley range, giving you a creative taste of Bentley.

Travel Pack 1

Featuring a luxury Travel Bag made from genuine calf leather alongside a contemporary picnic blanket and hand-stitched leather handled umbrella, this travel pack contains the perfect accessories for a weekend getaway.

Pack contains:

1x Travel Soft Bag Large (BL1502)
1x Equestrian Picnic Blanket (BL1498)
1x Crooked Handle Umbrella (BL1649)

Retailer Price: £872
(Saving of £111)

Travel Pack 2

Inspired by design elements of the Bentayga, the soft travel bags are a luxurious travel essential. The ideal pack for your weekend adventure, Travel Pack 2 also contains a small Soft Travel Bag in addition to the large Travel Bag, picnic blanket and umbrella.

Pack contains:

1x Travel Soft Bag Small
1x Travel Soft Bag Large
1x Equestrian Picnic Blanket
1x Crooked Handle Umbrella 

Retailer Price: £1,451
(Saving of £154)

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