Bentley Tyres & Accessories

Bentley Tyres & Accessories

From specifically designed rims to seasonal tyres, discover more about Bentley tyres and accessories.

Your Bentley already creates quite an impression and if you’d like it to make a more personal statement, the most effective way is with a new set of wheels. All Bentley wheels are designed and refined by the craftsmen at Crewe. They not only withstand the immense power and torque instantly available from your car’s engine, but also harmonise beautifully with your Bentley’s exterior lines.

For a limited time only, we are able to offer you a complete set of 21" 6-Spoke Alloy Wheels or a complete set of 21" 5-Spoke 2-Piece Alloy Wheels, both at a special price. Each wheel set is designed to enhance the style and elegance of your Bentley and gives you the opportunity to personalise your car to stunning effect.

What's more, a wide selection of specifically designed rims are available at reduced prices in a selection of finishes to enhance your Bentley even further.


Bentley Winter Tyres

Most vehicles are fitted with summer tyres as standard, which are specifically designed to perform in warmer conditions above 7 degrees Celsius. Bentley offers winter tyres which have been developed with the world's leading tyre manufacturers in order to provide optimum performance and enhanced safety measures for colder conditions.

Winter tyres are not just designed for snowy and icy conditions, they are also highly beneficial when there is no snow. These tyres maximise performance and safety with improved braking distances and increased grip levels when temperatures reach below 7 degrees Celsius.

With the unpredictable conditions that the British winter often brings, it is important to avoid becoming stranded during extreme weather. Bentley winter tyres can ensure optimum performance in bad weather and can often out perform vehicles with off-road capabilities.

If that wasn't enough, having winter tyres fitted also allows you to drive your vehicle in European countries where it is a legal requirement to have winter tyres fitted.

Braking Distances

In addition to enhancing performance and safety elements, Bentley winter tyres also greatly improve steering and acceleration and most importantly, braking distances.

The diagrams below illustrate how winter tyres can improve braking distances.


Icy Roads
 Icy Stopping Distance

Wet Roads

Wet Stopping Distance



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