Brakes Maintenance

The brakes on your Bentley are beautifully designed and engineered to the very highest standard, just like the rest of your vehicle. Bentley brakes are there to provide you with safe and smooth stopping day in, day out. To ensure your brakes always maintain the same exceptional standard it is important to have your brake fluid replaced every two years.

Brake fluid is hydroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture over time, reducing the temperature at which the fluid boils. This in turn could result in increased stopping distances, reduced brake efficiency and potentially brake faliure. If you leave it too long between brake checks it is easy to run into problems which could be prevented. If the brake pads wear too far, the metal backing on the brake comes into contact with the brake rotor, damaging the rotor but also putting yourself in a very dangerous situation.

These factors have the potential to compromise the safety of you and other drivers on the road. If you use your car mainly for short journeys there is a chance that your brakes will wear quicker, so it is important to stay vigilant and keep them in top condition.

By ensuring you tend to your brakes on a regular basis you can significantly reduce the chance of accidents happening. At Harwoods Bentley our knowledgeable and thorough technicians will make sure you are always kept as safe as possible.

All servicing and repair work is carried out using Bentley Genuine Parts. Each individual component is designed and manufactured to the original specification, to work in conjunction with and not affect other operating systems in the vehicle.

For more information please call your local Harwoods Bentley on the contact numbers below:

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Brakes Maintenance

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