Bentley Protection Pack Offer from Harwoods in Sussex and Hampshire

Here at Harwoods Bentley we know how important our customers' vehicles are to them and keeping your car looking its best has ​never been so easy thanks to the Bentley Protection Pack. This pack contains a range of items which focus on enhancing the joy of owning a Bentley. These useful and desirable items are a must for any Bentley owner. 

See below for more information on the Protection Pack items.

Branded Valve Cars

Branded Valve Caps

Bentley branded valve caps are a subtle but brilliant way to bring an extra special touch to your vehicle. Hexagonal in shape and featuring the Bentley 'B', these caps prove that small can be beautiful too.


Jewelled Torch

​​Jewelled Torch

This 'B' etched torch is as practical as it is stunning. The exceptional craftmanship you have come to expect from Bentley is obvious from the first look thanks to the signature knurling and logo details. The torch is easily charged in the cigar lighter, so can be neatly stored away and is always ready to go when needed.

Travel Case

​Travel Case

The Bentley branded travel case is an essential accessory for any journey. This compact case contains an EU-spec warning triangle, high-visibility jackets, disposable gloves, alcohol breathalysers amd a Bentley Emergency Roadside Assistance Card. With this in your vehicle, you're guaranteed peace of mind wherever you choose to drive.

Outdoor Car Covers

Outdoor Car Covers

Even when you're not using your Bentley, it's important to keep it as protected as possible. This thoughful outdoor car cover will help shelter your vehicle from the elements. Each cover is model specific and custom stitched to ensure every contour of your Bentley is shielded.

For more information on the Bentley Protection Pack, contact your local Harwoods Bentley dealership today.​


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