Heritage Servicing at Harwoods Bentley

Here at Harwoods Bentley, we are proud to offer an aftercare service that is tailored to the unique DNA of your Bentley. We use the latest equipment and technology, combined with a keen eye for detail, to carry out expert servicing and repairs on your Bentley, preserving the impeccable performance and pristine condition.

Now at Harwoods, we are pleased to offer servicing, repairs and restorations of older Bentley vehicles such as the Arnage, Turbo R, Azure and Brooklands. Our onsite Bentley Heritage expert, Phillip Newland, has over 20 years experience with classic Bentley models and is just as passionate about your car as you are.

Heritage services start from as little as £499 inc.

Book your classic Bentley model in for a heritage service, repair or restoration at Harwoods Bentley today!

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Bentley Hampshire023 8001 9438