Harwoods Want to Buy Your Bentley

Right now, Harwoods are in the market to acquire cars just like yours, because once in a while our stocks of quality 'Certified Pre-Owned Bentley Cars' runs low due to extraordinary high demand. This presents a great opportunity for Bentley owners wishing to sell or trade in their car, and selling your cherished Bentley really could not be simpler!

If you are thinking of selling your Bentley and are not entirely sure where to start, then Harwoods Bentley 'Sale or Return Service' could be just perfect for you. An agreement is formed between yourself and Harwoods, in which you commission us to sell your Bentley on your behalf using our expert knowledge and reputation. To find more information follow this link: Harwoods Bentley Sale or Return Service.

Finding out how much your used Bentley could be worth is simple using our online valuation tool or alternatively visit us at either of our Harwoods Bentley Hampshire or Harwoods Bentley Sussex dealerships and we will provide you an immediate quote, along with the option to complete the transaction on the same day. Harwoods are an authorised Bentley retailer with many years of experience in valuing vehicles like yours - which means you can be sure of a fair valuation and a highly competitive price.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please get in touch with us as soon as possible using the contact details below. Even if you are not currently thinking of selling, we would love the chance to start discussing your plans for buying and selling in the future. We can even talk about extending the warranty on your current car.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Bentley Hampshire salesbentleyhampshire@harwoods.uk.com 02380 083 883
Bentley Sussex salesbentleypulborough@harwoods.uk.com 01798 652 719