Triple Win for BMW at 2017 Auto Express Awards

BMW took home three awards from the 2017 Auto Express Awards, with wins in several of the most difficult and most-contested categories.

BMW were awarded Best Executive Car of the Year for the BMW 5 Series, whilst the BMW i3 won Electric Car of the Year and BMW's range of BMW i and iPerformance vehicles was awarded the Auto Express 2017 Technology Award. Further to this, the BMW 3 Series received recognition and commendation in the Best Compact Executive Car category.

Due to the rapid rate of innovation and development in the automotive industry at present, BMW are very honoured and excited to have earned the Auto Express 2017 Technology Award. BMW have shown other industry manufacturers that Electric Vehicles are capable of balancing the speed and handling of a normal sports car with the exemplary fuel economy and low CO2 emissions expected of them, with a revolutionary plug-in hybrid engine and drive train combination. Further to this, BMW's intelligently designed engines can provide impressive acceleration whilst providing regenerative braking to allow drivers to feel when to slow down. The impressive and progressive innovations in BMW's Smart Key technology, including the connectivity and development also ensure that BMW has thoroughly earned their win in this category.

The Executive Car of the Year Awarded was presented to BMW for the BMW 5 Series, recognising the unparalleled driving dynamics and intelligent, innovative technology that features in BMW's premium vehicles. The technology includes a new auto-parking system and new Driving Assistant Plus pack which allows the vehicle to take over the acceleration, braking and steering when necessary on the motorway.

Auto Express stated: "The all-new 5 Series has reclaimed its crown as the class champ thanks to its winning blend of style, refinement and technology."

Completing BMW's trifecta, the BMW i3 was hailed as the Best Electric Vehicle 2017, due to improvements in battery capability giving the vehicle a significant improvement in range. Able to continue for 120 miles before a recharge is required, the BMW i3 can go further than it ever could before. Even better, the i3 proudly demonstrates BMW's ability to seamlessly blend the eco-friendly production and materials and fuel efficiency with excellent handling and performance on the road.

Auto Express said of the car: "A genuinely viable alternative to a conventional petrol or diesel-powered supermini or city car."

Lastly, BMW are very pleased to have earned the third place in the Best Compact Executive Car category for the BMW 3 Series. The BMW 3 Series was commended for its overall brilliance in build quality, handling, performance and recent styling changes. Performance is a large part of the BMW 3 Series' appeal, and thus houses an eight-speed Steptronic gearbox, which ensures smooth gear changes, whilst simultaneously producing less noice and reducing fuel consumption. In terms of styling changes, the BMW 3 Series' features smooth sweeping lines that successful hide subtle design changes to provide added aerodynamics.