Smart Repair

SMART Repairs at Harwoods BMW

At Harwoods BMW, we know the importance of fixing damage to your vehicle quickly. Thanks to SMART Repair (Small, Medium Area Repair Technology), our BMW Trained Technicians can repair small or medium damage to your BMW, with minimal time or cost in comparison to conventional cosmetic repairs.

The quick and cost effective service offers a localised repair to the affected area only, ensuring a fast and seamless fix. Discover our SMART Repair price list below.

SMART Repair Price List

View the table below for SMART repair pricing for your BMW.




Alloy wheel repair:
Repairs to alloy wheels that require flattening, painting and re-lacquering.
From £105
Wing mirror repaint:
Repairs to scuffed mirrors, requiring flatting, filling and repainting.
 From £75
Single panel repair:
Repairs to damaged panels by flatting, filling and repainting.
From £150
Polished alloy wheel refurb:
Refurbish polished alloy wheels using our specialist refurbishment machine.
From £120 Per Alloy
Complete machine polish:
Machine polish out light scratches on the whole of the car.
From £200
Bumper corner repair:
Repairs to bumper corners by flatting, filling and repainting.
From £145


To book your BMW in for a SMART repair, please contact Harwoods BMW today.


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