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    Harwoods offers a range of finance options for personal and business customers.

Why Finance Through a Dealership?

What are the benefits of Dealer Finance?

Financing through a dealer is quick, convenient and easy. You can take advantage of Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase and Personal Contract Plan agreements. Allowing you more control over your deposit, monthly payments, deferred final payment and options when the agreement term finishes.

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What is Hire Purchase?


Hire Purchase is a finance product that allows you to budget accurately by giving you a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments. The deposit and length of the agreement can be easily adjusted letting you customise the agreement to your budget.

Because the vehicle acts as the security for the agreement, other forms of credit remain available to you for future use.

Hire Purchase agreements can be settled at any time. At the end of the term you will take full ownership of the vehicle. 

What is Personal Contract Purchase?


Personal Contract Purchase, or PCP, is a finance product that lowers your monthly payment by deferring part of the payment to the end of the agreement.

Your deposit, monthly payment, annual mileage and final payment can be adjusted to your needs. The agreement can be settled at any time.

The deferred payment is calculated using industry data to predict the value of your vehicle at the end of the agreement. Opting for a lower deferred payment can increase equity giving you more to put as a down payment on your next purchase.

Unique to PCP is that the final payment is guaranteed by the finance company, meaning if the value of your vehicle drops faster than anticipated you can simply return it to the finance company.

You also have the option of paying off the future value to keep the vehicle or return it as a part exchange.

Personal Finance

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Business Finance

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