Personal Contract Plan (Solutions): This funding plan is a flexible alternative to Hire Purchase which allows you to put down a small sum initially and defer part of your Jaguar’s total value until the end of the term. This thereby reduces your monthly spend.

Hire Purchase: This is the most simple and straightforward way to fund your Jaguar. Once you have paid a deposit, you can pay for your car over a period of between one and five years – and once all the payments have been made you become the car’s owner

Why should you use Jaguar Finance?

Whether you drive a Jaguar for your own pleasure or as a company car, Harwoods’ Jaguar Financial Services offer a wide range of competitive finance and insurance plans. These plans are developed exclusively for Jaguar owners and are tailored to meet all your individual requirements.

With Jaguar Financial Services you are dealing with people who have a close working relationship with your local dealer and who are as passionate about Jaguar as you are.

At Harwoods we understand that everybody has different financial circumstances which is why our range of finance plans are all designed to make sure that funding your new Jaguar is as straightforward a process as possible. View our finance product guide below for more information.