Baby Driver's Ansel Elgort Faces Smart Cone Challenge With The New I-PACE

  • The Baby Driver star is trialled against Jaguar's Smart Cone Challenge
  • The challenge was set to display the abilities of the I-PACE
  • Challenge was faced before the I-PACE's North American launch

To put the new I-PACE to the test, the lead actor of the film Baby Driver accepted the challenge to take the I-PACE through Jaguar's Smart Cone Challenge. Ansel Elgort who plays the main character in 2017s crime-thriller Baby Driver, accepted the challenge to see what Jaguar's first all-electric car is truly capable of, and to show that his driving abilities were not just special effects. This would be the ultimate test of agility for the I-PACE, allowing it to flex its ability to produce 400PS and 696Nm of torque, allowing the SUV to accelerate from 0-60 in a breathtaking 4.5 seconds.

The challenge took place on a dockside in an industrial environment at the Secret Studios in Brooklyn, New York before the I-PACE made its grand American entrance before the New York International Auto Show taking place from March 30th to April 8th.

Ansel Elgort was trained by some of Hollywood's top stunt drivers to prepare for his role as 'Baby', an extremely effective getaway driver who had as much skill as he had style. Ansel did many of his own stunts in the film making him the ideal choice to take on Jaguar's Smart Cone Challenge.​

I’ve driven fast cars on set but never anything like this. I-PACE’s speed as soon as I hit the pedal really took me by surprise and made the challenge even more interesting. The Smart Cones look pretty simple at first, but once you’re out there it’s hard to anticipate where to go next…I’d love to go out and have another go!​

Ansel Elgort

The I-PACE is powered by a battery that provides energy to two concurrent permanent magnet electrical motors placed on the front and rear axles, which promptly adapts the balance of the front and rear to to suit the current road conditions.

With the ability to drive up to 480km, the I-PACE has exciting driving dynamics, without hindering everyday practicality and comfort. The I-PACE​'s battery is very low and close to the axles, allowing for the batteries weight to be evenly distributed throughout the body giving the I-PACE​ a great centre of gravity, granting excellent composure and reduced body roll.

Designed with an advanced double wishbone front and integral link rear suspension, the I-PACE​ has exceptional ride comfort with the stiffness required for dynamic driving. This gives the I-PACE​ superb handling, grip and steering responses. With a compact and lightweight suspension system that implements aluminium suspension links and knuckles to lessen the weight whilst granting as much interior space as possible.

The Smart Cone Challenge is ideal to showcase the electric performance of the I-PACE. Offering instantaneous acceleration and precise handling, this is every bit a Jaguar. With the convenience of quick charging, a 480km range (WLTP) and zero emissions, this is the ultimate performance SUV.

Mike Cross - Jaguar Chief Engineer

Jaguar's Smart Cone Course uses wireless technology to randomly illuminate varying pairs of cones to create a constantly fluctuating route, creating the ultimate test of driving skill, precision and reflexes.

Ansel Elgort was not the first star to face the Smart Cone Challenge, after actor Nicholas Hoult took on the demanding challenge in the Jaguar XF AWD R-Sport, with F1 driver Romain Grosjean taking on the challenge in the Jaguar XF.