Education Meets Exhilaration at Jaguar's Castle Bromwich

Jaguar's Castle Bromwich has a rich history and remains to this day as the core manufacturing base for many of Jaguar's best cars. Castle Bromwich is home to Jaguar's majority of luxury and high performance cars such as the F-Type, the XJ, and the XE model. ​

It is Castle Bromwich where Jaguar continues to develop it's unparalleled expertise in advanced aluminium manufacturing. This same skill also served the nation during the war years, when the factory was the primary location for building Spitfire aircraft.

The Jaguar Track and Tour experience involves a tour of the magnificent Castle Bromwich factory and then a track experience with the opportunity to experience Jaguar's best new and classic cars. The tour of Castle Bromwich factory provides a unique insight into the factory's operation during the 1940's to the present day. Over the course of the tour you will learn about aeroplane manufacturing & the secrets of Jaguar cars. Many parts of the factory are being opened up to the public for the first time, giving a genuinely exclusive insight.

Beyond the factory tour experience, everyone is handed a set of keys to one of Jaguar's modern day models, the XE, XJ and XF. These cars will be driven over to a nearby track where the drivers are then given the experience of driving one of Jaguar's classic cars. The collection available for test drive features Jaguar's best models, the XK150, Mark II, V12 XJC, and E-Type models.