Jaguar Introduces New E-PACE

The Jaguar E-PACE is designed and engineered to be a smart, compact SUV. A fun and clever addition to the Jaguar range, it is bound to bring in new fans to the brand. The exterior to the E-PACE is sporty, whilst the inside is beautifully detailed, practical and connected.

The E-PACE has benefited from the experts behind the World Car of the Year, the F-PACE SUV and the other award-winning Jaguar saloons and sports cars. The E-PACE is packed with the latest technology, to ensure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable journey, every time.

Connectivity is paramount in the E-PACE, with the most cutting-edge technology systems seamlessly integrated with the car, networks and your smartphone. You can remain connected wherever life takes you, as this modern car is capable of keeping you comfortable and connected no matter what the adventure.

The E-PACE is playful and strong, with undeniable swagger and a mass of confidence. Ian Callum, Design Director of the new E-PACE, commented: "Oh, it's got an attitude to it all right! That's exactly how I wanted it; a balance of masculinity and femininity; not too genteel and certainly sensuous; muscular and curvaceous at the same time. That perfect Jaguar balance. It's important especially in a smaller car that aspires to a sense of a heritage, and a heritage of performance, that it should have that certain attitude. In some ways the E-PACE is more like an F-TYPE than an F-PACE. Look at the haunches, front and rear, and the way the lines they make intersect, for example. Look at the profile of the roof in silhouette and the way it floats off the back. Look at the headlamps!"

The E-PACE is the contemporary product of the evolutionary process of Jaguar's design. SUV's are a fast-growing segment, however the E-PACE brings new expressive thought to it. With a long wheelbase and short overhangs, the E-PACE promises dynamism and exuberance, as well as superior comfort and practicality on the inside. There is an edge of luxury in the E-PACE too, aiming towards the sports car segment as well, the versatile E-PACE offers control of the road, agile steering and high quality design not yet seen in the sports car range.

Ian Callum further states: "We designed the E-PACE to be a Jaguar for active people who need space and practicality, but see no reason to compromise on performance. Its proportions, stance and lines express this as a driver's car, while the interior offers true Jaguar levels of luxury and sportiness."

Alister Whelan, Creative Director of Jaguar Interiors, says: "Creating a dynamic, modern and relevant interior continues the promise of the E-PACE's exterior character as soon as the doors are opened. The soft, high-quality materials used throughout the cabin are the first 'handshake' with the customer, while charming British detail design leaves a lasting memory. The E-PACE interior design raises the bar for the compact performance SUV."

The E-PACE has not been spared from the rigorous, two year development programme which tests the vehicle in a series of brutal weather conditions, demanding the most from the compact SUV.

Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity at Jaguar, said: "With the E-PACE, our aim was to develop a Jaguar SUV that feels and responds with the character of any of our rear-wheel-drive vehicles. It was fundamental to us that E-PACE delivers exceptional drive dynamics, yet is refined and comfortable, and this was achieved with intelligent solutions, such as the compact Integral Link rear suspension and the semi-solid mounted front subframe. Here is an all-wheel-drive compact performance SUV that has the precision and body control to make the E-PACE as rewarding for the driver as it is comfortable for the passengers."

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