Graphic Pack Now Available For The Jaguar F-TYPE SVR

  • Racing inspired graphic pack for 575PS Jaguar F-TYPE SVR
  • Pack includes enhanced stripes, carbon fibre bonnet louvres, lightweight 20" wheels, exclusive tread plates and commission plaque
  • Created by the personalisation team of Special Vehicle Operations, lead by Ian Callum, Jaguar's Director of Design

Jaguar F-TYPE SVR owners can now acquire a personalisation package for their supercar, adding racing-inspired aesthetics to make their vehicle even more prominent with no extra fees.

Creation of this pack was led by Ian Callum, the Director of Design for Jaguar, and the Special Vehicle Operations vehicle personalisation team. The result was a pack that adds significant visual characteristics to the all-wheel drive F-TYPE SVR.

The pack highlights the F-TYPE SVR's front bumper, splitter, flat underfloor, carbon fibre active rear wing and rear venturi, a contrast grille surround and mirror caps. The high performance of the F-TYPE SVR is marked by the bonnet and sill which has '575' decals to denote the supercar's use of a 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 that can produce 575PS, with carbon bonnet louvres and side ingots.

Rear shot
Bonnet and grille
Door frame

The F-TYPE SVR is one of the most dynamic, dramatic and fastest road cars ever created by Jaguar. The Graphic Pack perfectly complements its sporting character with a touch of heritage

Ian Callum

Jaguar Director of Design

Six different colourways are available for the F-TYPE SVR Graphic Pack:

  • ​Yulong White with Firenze Red accents
  • Santorini Black and Gold
  • Corris Grey and Ultra Blue
  • Caldera Red and Black
  • Ultra Blue and Corris Grey
  • Indus Silver and Black

The F-TYPE SVR was developed by Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations unit and was made to be the fastest and most powerful F-TYPE, but still be a practical everyday car. Capable of a top speed of 200mph, the F-TYPE SVR can reach 0-60mph in only 3.5 seconds, but this doesn't hinder the handling, steering or braking.

The chassis of the F-TYPE uses uprated dampeners, anti-roll bars, stiffer rear suspension knuckles and wider tyres to bestow an iconic look, with accurate responses. The sound produced by the supercharged V8 is amplified and given a harder edge thanks to the inclusion of a lightweight titanium and Inconel exhaust system.