Jaguar Team Up With Olympic Skier to Break Guinness World Record

  • Former British Olympic Skier Graham Bell smashes the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the fastest towed speed on skis
  • Record set at a -28C at Jaguar Land Rover's Revi Test Centre in the Arctic Circle
  • New Jaguar XF Sportbrake perfect tow vehicle

An Olympic Skier, with the help of Jaguar, set a new Guinness World Record title for the Fastest towed speed on skis in -28 degrees celsius conditions at Jaguar Land Rover's Revi Test Centre in the Arctic Circle.

A Jaguar XF Sportbrake was utilised for the task, and together with Graham, the vehicle reached an average top speed of 117mph to smash through the previous record. The ice-cold temperature on the day pushed Graham to challenge his physical limits and put the premium estate XF Sportbrake to the ultimate test.

"I'm really proud to have achieved this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, but it was a real team effort with the engineers at Jaguar supporting me every step of the way. The XF Sportbrake stayed perfectly composed throughout and gave me the confidence to not only beat the target but smash it by a great margin!" ​

​​Graham Bell
Former British Olympic Skier​

Proving to be the perfect vehicle for the challenge, the XF Sportbrake performed outstandingly well, with the aid of Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) and All Surface Progress Control to help the driver control the car in low-grip conditions. The 3.0-litre 380PS supercharged V6 petrol engine propels the car forwards to 60mph in 5.3 seconds and was able to comfortably hit the speeds necessary to break the world record with Graham.

With a selection of advanced chassis technologies, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake is the supreme choice of its class. The trademark Jaguar composure perfectly complements the core dynamic architecture, adaptive technologies and intelligent functions and combined, offers optimum practicality. The XF Sportbrake is also perfect for Skiing and Snowboarding, with accessories such as Ski and Snowboard holders on offer for adventurous customers.

"The XF Sportbrake builds on the success of the saloon and has all of the advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) technologies and aluminium-intensive architecture that have made the XF a multi-award winner. Superb handling, plentiful traction and great high speed stability made it the perfect choice for this record attempt."

Nick Collins
Vehicle Line Director for the Jaguar XF

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