Jaguar's New Spotify InControl App Is Set To Change The Way We Listen To Music

Jaguar Land Rover have announced a unique collaboration with Spotify, one of the world's most popular streaming service, to create an app with readily available music for 'every moment' and personalised playlists, based on the drivers in-car listening habits.

Musicians, Ricky Wilson - lead singer for The Kaiser Chiefs, and British rapper Example were the first to try out the app in a car before it's official release date. Each created a Spotify playlist - featuring their top driving songs and took to the road in the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible and the Jaguar XE.

Rapper, Example who tested Spotify in the Jaguar XE said: "It’s great to be the first to try the new Spotify app in a Jaguar. It worked really well and I had fun setting up my winning playlist and chatting with Ricky, even if I did have to listen to his jokes."

The App launches this month in Jaguar Land Rover's InControl Apps library, delivers the best in-car Spotify experience. Mirroring the usual Spotify interface users will be familiar with from their smartphone - with touch and swipe gestures to navigate. Both design teams set out to create a familiar experience for in-car use. Users can easily navigate around the app menus via easy to use steering wheel mounted controls which minimise distraction while driving.

Users can access their personalised 'Just for you' playlists that contain recommended tracks by tapping into Spotify's 'deep learning' system, that recognises listening habits to suggest songs to the driver. While Spotify's 'Offline Mode' will display downloaded content when internet connection and signal is poor, allowing everyone to listen to music wherever you are.