The Jaguar XJ In A Game Of Drones

  • Drone race demonstrates first-class luxury and space in long-wheelbase Jaguar XJL
  • Professional racers fly drones through the rear cabins of Jaguar XJL

Jaguar have utilised two high-speed drones to race on a track and demonstrate the superior space in a Jaguar XJL, which boasts an extra five inches of legroom over the standard XJ wheelbase.

In a race at Alexandra Palace, a track was laid out featuring three XJL's and 13 gates made to be the exact same shape as the XJL rear door. The drones navigated their way through the course in a race to win a journey home in first-class luxury offered by the Jaguar XJL. Both drones were piloted by professional drone racers and each took a colour, Phosphor Red or Blue, representative of two of the colours offered by the XJ's outstanding interior lighting.


"I've been racing drones in competition for years, but this is a first for me. the course was a great test, but the fact we were able to go at such speeds proves how much space the doors of the Jaguar XJL gave us. Despite having to fly through the cabin we were still pushing the drones to their top speeds."​

​Brett Collin, Victorious Drone Pilot


The idea for 'Game of Drones' was inspired by a soon to be introduced challenge dubbed 'Jaguar's Art of Performance Tour'. The tour will give Jaguar fans the opportunity to drive the latest Jaguar vehicles and offers the chance to chase a Jaguar with a drone on a Smart Cone driving course.

The XJL is ideal for those who are seeking extra comfort on the move, thanks to the indulgent interior and sporting character giving the vehicle an all-encompassing presence. Features are included in the XJL specifically for added comfort, such as the airline style reclining seats with massage function, fold out tables and increased headroom.


"Quality and comfort are always at the forefront of our minds and this is especially true for the Jaguar XJL. The long wheelbase gave us the space to create a passenger experience that is second to none. We might not have designed it with drone racing in mind, but it's a fun way to demonstrate the spacious environment we've created."

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar

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