Online Jaguar Valuations from Harwoods in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey & London

The valuation tool above uses reputable CAP data to give you an approximate yet reliable indication of your Jaguar’s current worth. Based on a number of factors such as age, mileage and state of repair, this tool will help you in negotiating a fair price if you intend to sell your vehicle or use it as an asset in a part-exchange deal. By entering the relevant details, you can receive a quick, free valuation. Do double check your email address as your valuation will be emailed to you. For an even more exact assessment of your car’s value, you can book an appointment at the Harwoods Jaguar showrooms in Basingstoke, Brighton, Chichester, Crawley & Croydon.

Why is this service available?

Here at Harwoods Jaguar, we take pride in knowing our customers and value how they take care of their Jaguars. So, if you own a late, low mileage Jaguar and are thinking of changing your car then we’d love to hear from you. What’s more, we are now offering an instant online valuation for your current car backed by the industry guide, CAP Automotive. CAP collects millions of pieces of data about cars every month and boasts over 30 years of expert experience in the motoring industry. They will provide you with an accurate, independent valuation so that you can make an informed decision based on the information you put into the system. The price that is presented is a guide to what you could receive in exchange for your vehicle and is not an offer of purchase. Harwoods Jaguar will be in touch to follow up the valuation and you will be invited into one of our businesses in Basingstoke, Brighton, Chichester or Crawley, so we can view the vehicle and make an actual offer based on the CAP Valuation and condition of the vehicle.