Revive less than perfect alloy wheels

It's inevitable that with the every day enjoyment of your Land Rover, your alloy wheels can suffer from scuffs, scratches and chips. They're unattractive, they de-value your Land Rover, and are a cause for irritation, especially as they are often the result of something accidental, such as parking against a kerb or hitting a pothole. 

  Undo alloy wheel damage 
with Complete Wheel Protection:

  • Claim up to a generous £150 per alloy wheel*
  • 36 month cover
  • Alloy wheel repair at a location convenient to you, at home or work
  • No need to visit a body shop

With Alloy Wheel Insurance from Harwoods, you can drive ahead worry free knowing you have your alloy wheels protected. 

The good news is that this insurance is quick and easy to sign up - all you need to do is contact us below:


Contact Harwoods Land Rover in BasingstokeCrawleyCroydon, Edenbridge, Lewes, and  Pulborough for further details




 * Upon successful claim on your policy, the work will be paid for by the insurer and you can claim up to £150 per wheel to an aggregate value of £3,000 during the period of insurance. 
Terms and conditions apply. 

Interested in protecting your tyres too? or combine the two with Complete Wheel Protection: