You may well be in a position to buy a Land Rover outright. However, this ties up a lot of valuable capital that you could probably use more effectively elsewhere. For instance, a holiday in the sun or perhaps that new kitchen you promised yourself.

That’s why, like an increasing number of individuals and business people, you may find finance a more suitable alternative. Land Rover have taken the same fundamental philosophies they use when building their cars and have applied them to their financial products and services.

You may be surprised at just how easy it is to arrange finance at our Land Rover dealerships. With the latest technology, we are able to input your details, obtain an approval and print off your paperwork, all within a few short minutes.

And, unlike your Bank, we can provide you with all the products and services you want under one roof. You can choose to finance and insure your car, easily and conveniently without ever having to leave our showroom.

It really is that simple! View our guide below for more information on our finance products. 


Why You Should Use Land Rover Finance?

We all know that today finance is easier to arrange than ever before, so what makes Land Rover Finance special?
As leaders in the field, Land Rover Finance only deal with motor finance and can provide specialist products using extensive knowledge of the vehicle market.
Arranging finance with Land Rover Finance is easy, our terms are competitive and flexible and you may not even need to pay a deposit either.

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So next time you’re considering buying a new or used Land Rover, make sure Land Rover Finance is your first choice. Contact Harwoods Land Rover to find out more.