Protect against tyre replacement costs

Your tyres have a tough job to do, which is why they are a valuable investment for the safe running of your Land Rover.

Unfortunately tyres are often damaged by impacts with kerbs and potholes, punctured by sharp objects, or sadly you might even suspect that someone has deliberately punctured your tyres. Whatever the cause, the resulting repair or replacement can be costly, making matters worse.

  Protect yourself from this inconvenience and expense with Tyre Insurance from Harwoods Group.

  • All 5 tyres protected, including the spare
  • 36 month cover*

The good news is that this insurance is quick and easy to sign up - all you need to do is contact us below:

Contact Harwoods Land Rover at BasingstokeCrawley, CroydonEdenbridge, Lewes or Pulborough for further details.




*Terms and conditions apply. 

Interested in protecting your alloy wheels too? or combine the two with Complete Wheel Protection: