Land Rover DC100 Concept

Land Rover has been making the iconic Defender since 1948 and this year they showed off the new Defender DC100 Concept car. With its radically altered and modernised design the DC100 shows us that Land Rover has already begun to look towards the future for its Defender range.

Even though this is just a concept, Land Rover is trying to show its capabilities to reinvent an icon and keep the versatility and usability of the current Defender. Technology and capability play a large part for Land Rover in the planning of the DC100, and also to the fans that are helping them build it through feedback. Land Rover are working with current drivers and fans to ensure that the DC100 is capable off-road and far more liveable on-road for any situation you put in front of it.

Modularity is also key for the new generation of Defender. The engineers are working with the designers to make sure that there is a model suitable for your needs. Today Land Rover build 28 versions of the Defender including hard top, soft top, crew cab, station wagons, and pick-ups. Land Rover hopes to beat this with their next generation of Defender, to create many more models suited for the awkward tasks of some of today's jobs, and those of the future.

The interior of the DC100 will be based on the core ideas of functionality and usability, meaning that the position and logic of the controls will be obvious the moment when the driver enters. Rugged and durable high-tech, quality fabrics and leathers are chosen to give drivers comfort and style that features subtle tribal patterns, referencing the legacy of exploration.

Aside from its modern appearance, the Land Rover DC100 is undoubtedly a Defender at heart, and we hope to see it in 2015.

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