Make An Informed Decision Between Diesel or Petrol

  • Diesel engines produce more torque making them superior for large vehicles, towing or for motorways.
  • Petrol engines are more suitable for cars that regularly drive through towns or cities, due to their performance, speed and versatility.
  • If you drive long distances frequently you will save money on fuel with a diesel engine. However, petrol cars have a lower price.

Recently, many have questioned how clean diesel engines are and if they are the right choice for them. However, diesel engines currently produce some of the cleanest emissions ever, with the government praising them for producing on average 20-25% less CO2 emissions than their petrol equivalent. Diesel engines are also very suitable for some people and their lifestyles, especially for those who travel long distances frequently.

The Difference Between Diesel and Petrol

A car equipped with a diesel engine can produce a simple and relaxing drive due to the low-speed torque allowing for gears to change earlier, producing more significant acceleration. This makes certain activities easier for a diesel engine over its petrol counterpart, such as towing, carrying large amounts of passengers or a heavy load, as well as when travelling on a motorway regularly for long periods of time.

There are various misconceptions about diesel engines as well; they are noisy, slower and more costly to maintain. However, advancements in engineering and technology have allowed for diesel and petrol engines to become almost indistinguishable.

In order to produce the same amount of torque as diesel engines, petrol engines require higher speeds, but this allows the top-end power to be smoother and more responsive which is preferable to some drivers. Petrol engines also cost a little bit less than their diesel equivalent.

The Right Engine for You

When looking for a vehicle to purchase, consider your usual driving habits such as how long or far you typically need to drive. When you have to drive long distances frequently at high speeds, a diesel engine would be the most cost-efficient choice, due to its mechanical process allowing for greater return on mileage when using diesel fuel.

Alternatively, if you usually need to travel short distances or in urban areas a petrol engine would be the optimal engine for you. This is due to petrol engine's superior performance and agility, making them more suitable for short drive distances.

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