Land Rover Discovery Gets New Engine & Safety Features

The Land Rover Discovery has earned a new engine, the SDV6, which will be available with new models. This new 3.0-Litre V6 diesel engine will be able to create 306PS in addition to 700Nm of torque, which will launch the SUV from 0-60mph in just 7.0 seconds whilst providing a relaxing environment for all the occupants. This is part of the continued development of engine technology from Land Rover which features twin-turbochargers with an updated intake system and twin intercoolers as well as an eight-nozzle injector design, all of which will provide the driver with maximum performance and efficiency.

Particulate filters are included with all the powertrains included with the Discovery, including the SDV6. These close-coupled filters work together with the after treatment system, allowing for soot to be trapped as exhaust gas passes through. Typically, said trapped soot is oxidised into CO2 with the filter regenerating when the driver is not accelerating.


"The latest updates strengthen Discovery’s status as the most versatile and capable family SUV. Our new diesel engine provides strong performance and efficiency while the latest safety technology protects occupants and other road users."

Nick Collins

Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover

However, the new SDV6 engine is not the only new addition for the Land Rover Discovery with Clear Exit Detection now available on new Land Rover Discovery models. This system will alert all occupants if any vehicles, cyclists or any other potential hazards are coming into proximity from behind when exiting the vehicle. When Clear Exit Detection detects a hazard, a warning light on the door will flash, telling the occupants it is unsafe to exit.

Other driver assistance systems have also been revised to include new features too, such as Adaptive Cruise Control. This system will now include Stop & Go, assisting the driver by maintaining the selected speed when safe to do so, but will automatically change to maintain a predetermined distance from any vehicle in front. This can even stop the SUV from moving in congested traffic, which if the traffic begins moving within three seconds of stopping, automatically resumes and follows the car ahead.

A wide selection of driver assistance systems are available to give customers an easier and safer driving experience. Land Rover have even made it easier for customers to equip their vehicle with new safety features by dividing all the features into three-separate packs, Park Pack, Drive Pack and Driver Assist Pack.

The Land Rover Discovery is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK and is available to order now.

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