Lucy and Poppy in Need of New Homes

At the end of January, Wadars - Worthing & District Animal Rescue Service attended our ‪#‎Hibernot‬ dog walk for an exciting morning adventure with Lucy and Poppy, who were both in need of new homes.

The Gilbert family had fallen in love with Lucy the minute they spotted her and this is their story so far:

"Lucy came to visit us last week and she and Oli hit it off so well that WADARS said that she could stay and see how it turns out.

A week on and everything is going wonderfully and Lucy and Oli are getting on very well, you would think that she had lived here all her life. It has been lovely to witness and she seems very happy.

Thank you very much for organising the ‘Hibernot Walk’ for without that we wouldn't have Lucy to share our lives."

Here are some photos we received from the Gilbert family of Oli and Lucy.

Poppy has also recently been re-homed.

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