Land Rover and The Prince's Countryside Fund Help Young Farmers Develop Their Rural Careers

For the last four years, Land Rover has joined forces with The Prince's Countryside Fund to provide five entrepeneurial young people with a Land Rover Discovery for a year, to help them further their countryside careers.

The winners were selected thanks to their outstanding business plans, dedication and passion for making a difference in their local area. The winners are:

  • Lucy and Chris Williams, who own a Scottish tea company, Tulloch Tea, alongside a range of tea-infused beauty products.
  • Jenny Dunstan, who founded Jenny's Beef Ltd, a company that specialises in high quality Piemontese beef.
  • Claire Howlett, an organic dairy farmer who now runs the family business, Wicton Farm, with her brother.
  • David Corrie-Close, who established the Horned Beef Company with Bekka, his wife.
  • James Speers, President of the Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster, who raised awareness of the issues of mental health and safety in his local community.


"I am delighted to have been chosen as one of the recipients for The Prince's Countryside Fund Land Rover bursary this year. Farming can be a very isolating industry to work in so I feel it's vital to have a capable and reliable vehicle. It will provide flexibility, independence and confidence not only to easily gain access to remote parts of the farm with challenging terrain but also to attend events further afield, increasing the ability to network and gain new skills." ​

Claire Howlett, Winner - Organic Farmer

The award ceremony was held at Loseley Park in Surrey, where the winners were awarded with their compact SUV Discovery Sport, capable of pulling 2.2 tonnes, with special features such as Terrain Response. The winners will also be given off-road and towing training from Land Rover Experience so they are prepared for any terrain and extreme weather conditions and to give them a comprehensive overview of the intelligent towing systems.

Claire Saunders, Director of The Prince's Countryside Fund, commented: "Over the past few years we've seen what a difference access to a reliable and capable vehicle can make and we're delighted to be able to once again work in partnership with Land Rover UK to support five ambitious young people who are making not only huge strides in their respective careers, but also a major difference in their rural communities. The Fund is looking forward to following the journey of these exceptional young people over the next 12 months."

"These young people are great advocates of the farming industry and their passion and dedication is a pleasure to see. Their entrepeneurial spirit is also showing the diverse options within the farming and just how exciting and multi-dimensional a career in agriculture can be." ​

Scott Dicken, Marketing Director at Jaguar Land Rover UK