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As any motorist will no doubt know, harsh weather in the winter months can prove problematic for our roads and at times brings widespread disruption. In addition to the extreme inconvenience, accident rates can also soar, with the Department of Transport reporting a 267% increase during winter.

To ensure your safety it’s important to make sure your vehicle is well equipped to cope with the difficult conditions. Winter tyres are the obvious choice.

It’s a myth that winter tyres are only for snowy weather. They are actually more effective than the summer equivalent at temperatures below 7 degrees. Temperatures in the UK regularly go below this level during the winter months, so that means winter tyres can benefit drivers even when the conditions aren’t that severe.

Winter tyres are specifically designed to perform better in colder weather. A higher percentage of natural rubber means that they remain soft when the temperature drops, unlike summer tyres which harden. This difference allows winter tyres to key into the road surface more effectively, increasing grip. In addition, the unique tread pattern allows water and slush to exit from under the tyre more efficiently, which then reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

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The exceptional safety benefits of using winter tyres aren’t the only advantage though. Despite the initial outlay, a purchase of winter tyres could actually prove to be more cost efficient in the long term than using summer tyres all year. Using the correct set of tyres for the season could be beneficial, as leading tyre manufacturer, Continental said: "you get more mileage from both sets of tyres as they are optimised for performing in these individual conditions."

Don’t wait for the cold weather to hit, make sure you’re ready this winter – please contact Harwoods today to discuss your winter tyre options:

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